Child Custody / Support / Visitation

Mississippi Child Custody Attorney

Perhaps the hardest aspect of getting a divorce is determining how to best serve the needs of the children involved. At such an emotionally difficult time – when you are experiencing pain, frustration, and anger – it is easy to lose the focus of providing stability for your kids. Too often, they may become pawns moved about between parents.

You understand the difficulty your children are going through in dealing with your divorce and you want to provide them with the same security they once enjoyed. Contact Jackson child custody attorney Sam Brand, Jr. to discuss how best to serve your children’s interests.

Child Custody

Securing physical custody of your children can be one of the most important things you can accomplish in your divorce. If your former spouse is unable to care for the needs of your children due to physical limitations or emotional dysfunction, this becomes even more vital. To protect the rights of you and your children, call our office today – our experience can work for you.

Child Support

Whether your situation has to do with a modification of existing support or a contempt action related to failure to pay support, we can assist you in making sure that the needs of your children are met. We work to provide you with a means of resolving child support issues.


There may be issues that make visitation with the other parent a difficult or even frightening prospect. At the law offices of Sam Brand, Jr. we work for you with your children in mind.

In addition to family law related issues, our firm also handles cases and situations relating to a wide variety of practice areas. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact Mississippi child support lawyer Sam Brand today.

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