Construction Defects: Types of Building Issues

Construction Defects: Types of Building Issues

Structural Failure – Poor Framing – VOC – Faulty Foundations – Deteriorating Asphalt – Pavement – Windows and Doors Defects – Mechanical Defects – Finishing Issues – Deteriorating Wood Trim – Exterior Wood Surfaces Not Painted – Cracked Tiles – Rotted Eave Boards

Structural Failure from Roofing Installed Incorrectly

One example is starting from the “top.” When a house has roofing installed incorrectly it can cause all sorts of building issues. If a contractor has poor workmanship in the roof, he or she can allow moisture to seep through. This can cause mold, mildew, or even dry rot. Dry rot can be extremely damaging. It attacks the wood leaving it discolored and inevitably ready to crumble. This can cause a structural failure like the roof collapsing or a hardwood floor collapsing. Like mold and mildew, dry rot needs a moist area to survive as well as poor ventilation or wood that has not been appropriately weathered. The moisture does not even have to be that high. This, again, can be the result of substandard workmanship or the purchase of faulty building materials. This is a construction defect that needs immediate attention. If you suspect that your home has roofing installed incorrectly or dry rot is growing, you must get a repair strategy in place. Depending on how far the dry rot has progressed, your home is not a safe place to reside since structural failure is foreseeable.

Building Issues with Poor Framing

It is hard for a homeowner to know what poor framing can cause. In fact, some may assume that poor framing is due to an issue with the foundation when in reality, the issue is with the inadequate workmanship or inferior quality materials put into the framework of the house. Poor framing can show symptoms such as cracks around doors and windows. Some define a construction defect as an issue that will lower the value of your home. Poor framing is definitely a construction defect. Not to mention, this is a devastating issue to have to deal with. It can cost thousands to repair. There are other signs of poor framing that a professional can recognize.

Poor framing, dry rot growing, roofing installed incorrectly and potential structural failure are not building issues you want to deal with on your own. These issues can be quite detrimental, costly to repair, time-consuming to deal with, and emotionally draining. You need an advocate that understands these construction defects and how the law allows you to deal with them. You need an attorney who has experience with construction defect cases. Do not hesitate to contact an attorney to formulate the best resolution plan for your home.

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