Dedicated To Workers’ Compensation

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Dedicated To Workers’ Compensation

Experienced, Professional Representation In Workers’ Compensation
When you have been injured at work or suffered a work-related illness, you and your family need workers’ compensation benefits to help with medical expenses and other costs. Unfortunately, there are deadlines, technical requirements, and other potential pitfalls in the process. Employers don’t always honor an injured employee’s claim, and insurance companies are always looking for ways to limit the amount of money they pay for workers’ comp settlements. More about McAllen Workers Compensation Lawyers her

When benefits are delayed, or your claim is denied, you need the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to fight for your interests.

The Benefits You Need, When You Need Them
An experienced lawyer can help steer your claim through the complicated workers’ compensation system. The system can be overwhelming, and the employers and insurers on the other side can be intimidating opponents. It’s essential to have experienced, professional legal help on your side.

Our practice is devoted exclusively to workplace injury and workers’ compensation. We help the injured, and their families get the benefits they need to focus on their recovery and taking care of their loved ones.

Experienced Legal Help For Workers’ Compensation
An accident can happen at any workplace, whether a busy construction site, a quiet office, a warehouse, a highway trucking route, or some other place where people make a living.

The workers’ compensation is designed to help workers injured in a workplace accident or made ill by a work-related condition. It can also help workers’ families killed in a fatal workplace accident. So long as the work injury occurred during his or her employment, workers’ compensation should cover the costs of medical and rehabilitative treatment and help out with lost wages.

Conditions covered by workers’ compensation benefits include:

Back injuries
Neck injuries
Injuries caused by falling objects
Injuries caused by accidents with machinery
Motor vehicle accident injuries suffered during the execution of job duties
Illnesses caused by exposure to toxic chemicals at work

When the system works as it is supposed to, workers get the benefits and return to work when they can. Unfortunately, as many workers know from personal experience, the system doesn’t always work as it should. Our Law Firm is dedicated to helping workers to get the benefits they and their families need.

An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer On Your Side
When you don’t get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve after a workplace injury or illness, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side.

Our Law Firm has been practicing worker’s compensation law for more than 25 years. We have also worked on the defense side of workers’ compensation disputes for over a dozen years and represented employees. Our experience gives us valuable insight into how workers’ compensation works and how to fight most effectively for our clients. Contact us to discuss your case and set up an appointment today.

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